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Guidance Service

Duration 5 weeks (approximately)
Places Maximum 50 participants
Languages Spanish
ECTS credits recognised 1
Modality Online

A lack of social skills and assertiveness can affect our studies, career prospects and personal relationships.

In these applied skills workshops, participants learn to:

  • Understand the aspects that help/hinder good group performance.
  • Apply their social and assertive skills in simulated situations.
  • Develop specific abilities according to their personal needs and priorities.

The workshop dynamics and activities will focus on development of:

  • Basic social skills (introducing oneself, requesting help, convincing others, apologising, etc.).
  • Skills related to recognising and expressing emotions (recognising one's own emotions and those of others, expressing affection, disagreement, asking for explanations, etc.).
  • Positive problem-solving skills for group situations (share ideas, calm someone down, negotiate, respond to jokes, face up to group pressure, prepare for a difficult conversation, manage if you are excluded from the group, etc.).

This workshop requires about 2 hours per week dedication.

The workshop content.

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Programación de Talleres del SOU Curso 2021-2022

Programación de Talleres del SOU para el segundo semestre.
Talleres sobre:

- Aprende a gestionar tu tiempo (online)
- Habilidades sociales (online)
- Manejo de la ansiedad y del estrés (online y presencial)
- Estrategias para la motivación (online)
- Trabajo en Equipo y Gestión de Conflictos (online)
- Cómo elaborar trabajos académicos (online)
- Zure denbora kudeatzen ikasi (online eta presentziala)
- Antsietatea eta estresa kudeatzeko (online)

Fechas de celebración: del 21 de febrero al 3 de abril del 2022.

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