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Guidance Service

Duration 6 weeks (approximately)
Places Maximum 30 participants (minimum 10 )
Languages Spanish and Basque
ECTS credits recognised 1

People may suffer from high stress and anxiety levels in different situations (exams, public speaking, personal conflicts, etc.), all of which can affect our daily performance and capacity to manage situations

This workshop is for students and is divided into several sessions. The objective is to develop certain techniques that enable them to.

  • Identify signs of anxiety and stress through self-assessment questionnaires.
  • Understand the causes and results of anxiety.
  • Put into practice different techniques to manage high anxiety levels.

This will reduce the impact that these conditions may have on people's day to day lives, in the both the academic (performance, concentration, etc.) and the personal (social relations, personal life, etc.) sphere.


Programación de Talleres del SOU Curso 2021-2022

Primer semestre: del 18 de octubre al 28 de noviembre del 2021.
Segundo semestre: del 21 de febrero al 3 de abril del 2022.
Talleres online sobre:

- Aprende a gestionar tu tiempo
- Habilidades sociales 
- Manejo de la ansiedad y del estrés
- Estrategias para la motivación
- Trabajo en Equipo y Gestión de Conflictos
- Cómo elaborar trabajos académicos
- Zure denbora kudeatzen ikasi
- Antsietatea eta estresa kudeatzeko

Nota: En el segundo semestre algunos se impartirán también en modalidad presencial.

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Student guidance