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Recognition and equivalence of foreign qualifications

Recognition and equivalence of foreign qualifications

Universities are responsible for acknowledging foreign higher education qualifications as equivalent to PhD level.

Equivalence will be accredited through the relevant certificate of equivalence issued by the issuing University, which will include the name of the foreign qualification acquired by the holder and the home University.

Applications for equivalence may be requested simultaneously at more than one university. A foreign degree that has already been granted equivalence cannot be resubmitted for recognition by another university. However, when the request for recognition is rejected, the holder can start a new procedure at another Spanish university.

Equivalence to PhD level does not involve, in any case, recognition, a statement on equivalence or recognition of another or other foreign qualifications acquired by the holder, or recognition of another academic level other than that of PhD in Spain.

To apply for a statement on the equivalence of a foreign degree to PhD level by the University of Deusto, you must complete the relevant application form (download form) and submit it duly completed to the General Secretariat.