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As there is a limited number of places on the degree programmes, the University of Deusto offers the “Pre-enrolment” system, which is optional for some programmes and compulsory for others. The system ensures that students have a place on the programme they have been admitted to by making a deposit on account which will later be debited from the enrolment fee. Students must fulfil the entrance requirements by the specified deadlines to make use of this service.

See the list of degree programmes for studies that require pre-enrolment in order to obtain the Letter of Admission. Students will receive detailed information on the steps required for pre-enrolment once they have been admitted.

Payment of fees at the attached centre Begoñako Andra Mari (teacher training) is separate.

Titulations that have a compulsory pre-enrolment system

Bilbao campus


  • Law
  • Law + Specialist Diploma in Economics
  • Law + Specialism in ICT Law
  • Labour Relations
  • BMA + Management in Digital Environments
  • BMA + Specialism in Finance
  • Psysical Activity and Sport Science
  • Primary Education
  • Social Education
  • Psichology
  • International Relations

Double Degrees

  • BMA + Law
  • BMA + Industrial Technology Engineering
  • Law + Labour Relations
  • International Relations + Law
  • Psysical Activity and Sport Science + Primary Education
  • Social Education + Social Work

San Sebastián campus


  • BMA
  • BMA + International Management Skills
  • BMA + Digital Bussines Skills
  • Primary Education 

Double Degrees

  • Business Administration + Computer Engineering
  • Business Administration + Law
  • Primary Education+ Psysical Activity and Sport Science
  • Law + Comunication
  • Social Education + Social Work