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Admission resolution

All applicants will be notified by post of the admission decision concerning their first option.

In the event that first choice is “Not accepted”, the second option will be processed if it is included on the application.

Admission status will appear as one of the following:

  1. Application requested: The application has been submitted and is pending to be processed.
  2. Accepted: The application has been accepted and is pending decision.
  3. Not accepted: The application has been declined, as it does not meet the entry requirements or is incomplete.
  4. Admitted: The applicant has received a favourable assessment for admission to the relevant programme.
  5. Declined: The applicant has not received a favourable assessment due to academic requirements and in comparison with other candidates’ profiles.
  6. Waiting list: This means that the assessment is not final yet and your application must be re-assessed in later stages of the admission process.
  7. Allowed to enrol: The applicant has been admitted and can be offered a Letter of Admission for his/her preferred choice granted admission. This Letter of Admission is required for enrolment. For programmes of study that require Compulsory Pre-enrolment, the corresponding fee must be paid so that the Letter of Admission can be obtained.

The University of Deusto will issue one Letter of Admission per applicant, in order of preference and provided that the entry requirements for the programme concerned are fulfilled.

Please note: This document must be kept until enrolment has been completed, as it will be necessary to request the transfer of academic records, if necessary.

See to check your admission status. Foreign nationals must use the student number that will be assigned to them via email.

Foreigners are required to use the student number assigned to them via email.