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28 January 2022Bilbao Campus, San Sebastian Campus,

Deusto Business School launches the Women and Leadership Award to promote the professional careers of women through training

Deusto Business School has launched the Women and Leadership Award, which aims to make visible the management role carried out by women in organizations and in entrepreneurship. It also aims to promote knowledge of executive training programs throughout women's professional career, recognizing the progress made in the field of gender diversity and motivating women to be aware of the importance of training throughout professional life.

“Year after year we see that while in the undergraduate lectures there is a balance between the number of girls and boys, and there are even courses with more women, from that moment on it is the men who, to a greater extent, continue to train and adapting their knowledge, which ultimately makes it more difficult for women to progress in their professional careers”, points out Almudena Eizaguirre, general director of Deusto Business School, and member of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform. She adds that, through this award, “we aspire to reverse by facilitating as much as possible that women have access to these executive training programs. We have detected that there are some situations that are repeated, both in society and in business schools such as ours, and we need to promote and make visible women talent to achieve an egalitarian society”.

Eizaguirre explains that “at Deusto Business School we are convinced that we can contribute to creating a more prosperous, fair and inclusive world through training and we have set ourselves the challenge of contributing to excellence in people's lifelong learning through reskilling and upskilling. Currently, the need to maintain continuous training throughout a professional life is inalienable. However, we find that, on many occasions and for very different reasons, more men than women access executive training”.

All professional women who wish to advance in their careers by reinforcing their training by taking the Executive MBA at Deusto Business School can apply for this award (supported by Cinco Días). The award consists of free registration in the Executive MBA at Deusto Business School. In addition, it is envisaged a bonus of 60% of the registration fee for the same program.

Registration is open on the Women and Leadership website of Deusto Business School. A jury made up of personalities of recognized prestige in the academic and professional world will be in charge of selecting the winners of the first and second prizes. A professional woman of recognized prestige who can be an example for future generations of female managers will be also designated.

The requirements to qualify for the award are simple: five or more years of professional experience; a higher university degree and an upper-intermediate level of English. In addition, they must send their curriculum vitae and a motivation letter that sets out what their desired professional project would be in five years, as well as a letter of recommendation.

When choosing the candidate who will receive the award, the jury will also take into account other aspects, such as having an excellent professional performance; a behavior committed to the company and society; having participated in or promoted sustainable or innovative projects; apply good management practices in professional activity or have participated in projects or activities that demonstrate a commitment to a more just, prosperous and inclusive society.