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Gyms, clubs and Sports centres and activities

Sports centres and activities

Jardines de Albia Spa

Special price of €15 for Circuito Albia
15% discount in all treatments
*Discount bonuses are available at the Sports department.
Offer for UD students and staff

Calle Uribitarte Nº 7
48001 - Bilbao

Areatza Spa

20% discount on brochure fees
The discount will be applied upon presentation of UD student card at the spa.
Offer for UD students and staff
Calle Askatasuna 50 bis
48143 – Areatza
Tel: 946 572 705


Leisure centre in Bilbao city centre. Rental of pedal karts, party-bikes, bikes, roller skates, tandem, quads, stilt jumpers, hoverboards… Themed and dynamic gymkhana; Guided routes around Bilbao.
25% discount
Offer for UD students and staff
Calle Viuda de Epalza, 12
48005 – Bilbao
Tel: 688 608 184

Peña Txuri surf school

10 hour weekly course - €90
2-hour single classes (€25)
Offer for UD students

ENJOY SUP Paddle Surf School

15% discount
2-hour lesson including equipment, insurance, monitors, free photo reportage

Offer for UD students and staff
Tel.: 696 595 938

Pottoka Equestrian Club – Horse riding

€15 for 1 hour - €25 for 2 hours - €35 for 3 hours
€110 per 10-hour bonus

Offer for UD students and staff
Tel.: 609 36 00 80

Palacio Urgoiti Golf

It offers a 10% discount on all courses
Offer for UD students and staff
Calle Arritugane
48100 – Mungia

Jose L. de Ugarte Sailing School

20% discount in sailing courses, yacht master courses, basic navigation skipper courses, recreational vessel’s skipper courses.

Offer for UD students and staff

Embarcadero del Real Club Marítimo
48930, Las Arenas
Tel.: 944 637 600


It offers a 10% discount in prices for manual physiotherapy treatments and alternative therapies.
Offer for UD students and staff

C/Fernández del Campo, 9 Bilbao

Carta oferta para alumnos y personal UD

Mugendo Schools

50% membership
25% monthly fee
1 free individual class

Offer for UD students and staff

Mugendo Indautxu

Aretxabaleta, 4 bajo
48010 Bilbao
Tel.: 94 421 21 14

Mugendo Bilbao

Cosme Etxebarrieta, 4 bajo
48009 Bilbao
Tel.: 94 423 05 20

Mugendo Deusto

Avenida Lehendakari Agirre, 38-40 bajo
48014 Deusto
Tel.: 94 436 20 44

Mugendo Basauri

Bidearte Hiribidea, 12 bajo
Tel.: 94 611 19

Mugendo Barakaldo

Merindad de Uribe, 14
Tel.: 94 652 28

Mugendo Baskonia

Jaga Kalea, 1
Tel.: 94 440 81 12

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