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International Work Camps

Long-term international work camps

Act, find, commit yourself

Countries: Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Kenya.

Live an exchange and learning field experience; live our international volunteering.

  • Diverse ... from person to person; that will link you with people from other contexts and places; that takes away prejudices and discovers the richness of diversity.
  • Connected ... that builds bridges and discovers realities and makes situations visible.
  • Valuable ... that contributes to organisations and places where the experience is lived.
  • Reflective ... that helps to understand global dynamics and have a critical view of the world.
  • Transforming ... that questions your priorities and values and commits you to an international vision of justice.

Key dates:
28 Oct/24 Nov. Applications
5 Nov/6 Dec: Personal interviews.
Mid-Dec: Selection
Compulsory courses 2020
24 to 26 January / 6 to 8 March / 25 to 27 September)

Trip 29 June- 31 July: one-month projects.
Trip 29 June – 31 August: Two-month projects.

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