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A pilgrimage on foot of 25 km, on the occasion for the meeting, the celebration, as well as to approach history, culture and nature. The pilgrimage ends in Javier (Navarra), in the castle where San Francisco was born.

  • When: 13 -14 March.
  • Orientation Schedule:
    • Saturday, March 13
    • 08:00 Departure
    • 10:30 Start Pilgrimage
    • 17:00 Eucharist
    • 21:00 Dinner
    • 22:00 Pick up the day
    • Sunday, March 14
    • 09:00 Breakfast
    • 10:00 Visit to the Castle
    • 14:00 Arrival in Bilbao
  • Fee: 22 euros (bus, accommodation, dinner and guided tour of the castle included).

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Egunean eguneko Ebanjelioa

Egunean eguneko Ebanjelioa