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Daily Eucharist

Romanesque chapel (Bilbao): 8:30

Community Eucharists

Blessed Francisco Garate: 10 September, Bilbao, Gothic Chapel 13:00
Opening of academic year: 23 September, Donostia, 10:30
St. Francis of Asis – Time of Creation: 4 October, Bilbao, garden area, 13:05
All souls: 2 November, Bilbao, Gothic Chapel 13:05
Advent / Christmas: 9 December, Bilbao, Gothic Chapel 13:05
St. Thomas Aquinas: 28 January
Ash Wednesady: 2 March, Bilbao, Gothic Chapel 13:05
End of academic year: 18 May, Bilbao, Gothic Chapel 13:05

Sunday Eucharists

• Christ Chapel in Ntra. Señora de Begoña Indautxu School: 12:30
• Church of the Sacred Heart in Alameda Urquijo street: 20:00

Donostia/San Sebastián
• Church of the Sacred Heart in Andia street 3: 20:30



Egunean eguneko Ebanjelioa

Egunean eguneko Ebanjelioa