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Personal growth

Humanist Leadership

The social and economic evolution of the last decades has meant a strategic reorientation of productive organizations towards people. Thus, new values such as those associated with the human factor, intellectual capital or positive psychological capital are considered today, together with the final business results. The health and well-being of working people through the satisfaction of their needs, equality and corporate social responsibility are currently essential dimensions for the sustainability and proper functioning of organizations.

Thus, they need a new model of leadership centered on people. This workshop has the objective of introducing the basis of a model of humanist leadership that responds to the needs posed by the current context mentioned above. The workshop methodology is mainly practical, including contextualization, self-knowledge and application of the following contents


  • Introduction to the humanistic management of organizations.
  • Personal development, service leadership and Ignatian leadership
  • Healthy organizations; people, practices and results.


October 23

14:30 - 17:00



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