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Personal growth

Emotional intelligence

Goleman said that there are capabilities which are more important than academic performance in reaching better job, personal, academic and social well-being.

Research on education has proven the relationship between emotional intelligence skills and better psychological adjustment in university students. 


  1. Conceptualization of multiple intelligences.
  2. What is emotional intelligence? EI functions
  3. Display of examples.
  4. Characteristics and competencies of emotionally intelligent leaders.
  5. Emotional: Know and accept my emotions.
  6. How do I educate my emotional intelligence?
  7. Practical workshop.
  8. What is the relationship between emotional intelligence, well-being and happiness?
  9. Tools to cope with stress from emotional intelligence.
  10. Workshop: Learning to regulate my emotions

January 20

10:00 -13:30

Teacher: Sonia Mestre Roldan

Neuropsychologist and psychotherapist

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