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Guidance Service


What the Student Guidance and Support Service is

A resource for students which aims to help achieve the best possible academic results and boost your development as a person and future professional.

Services available to students

  • A tutor who will assist you throughout your university years.
  • Face to face workshops and online resources, that can help you to make the most of your time and adapt your habits to student life.
  • Psychopedagogical and psychological services, staffed by professionals who are equipped to help you overcome any academic or personal difficulties.

Who makes up the University Guidance Service?

The service is formed by a team of psychologists and teachers whose aim is to provide resources for Bachelor's and postgraduate students who have queries, make the most of their university stay, promoting both their personal and professional development.

Equipo del Servicio de Orientación

  • Manuel Marroquín (Director del Servicio de Orientación Universitaria)
Bilbao Campus team:
  • Silvia Martínez
  • Onintze López de Letona
  • Iratxe Muñecas
  • Natxo Gómez Marroquín
  • Ruth Ahedo
  • Enrique Pallarés (consulta psicológica)
San-Sebastián Campus team:
  • Patricia Espinosa
  • Leila Govillard (consulta psicológica)
Collaborators of the University Guidance Service in training actions:
  • Tomas Fañanas
  • Lucía Gorbeña
  • Josean Utrilla
  • Inés Zubeldia (Deusto Psych)
  • Alejandro Amillano


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