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Guidance Service

Servicio de Orientación Universitaria

Dream BigWe want you to enjoy your time at the University of Deusto and help you achieve all the goals you have set for this period of your life. The University offers you a number of resources through the Student Support and Guidance Service for this purpose.

Studying at university can be a very satisfactory and stimulating experience. You will have the opportunity to learn about many things you are interested in; make new friends; know other points of view; have new experiences and set new personal and career goals that will shape your future.

However, adapting to the university environment may also present challenges such as forming part of new groups, learning to handle the workload, fulfilling the demands of each subject or developing good study habits.

Your personal motivation and effort will be key to adapting and achieving the best possible results. And the Student Guidance and Support Service will offer you different resources that will help you to make the most of your time at the University

Who is my tutor and how can he/she help me?


¿En qué situaciones habéis acudido a vuestro tutor?


¿Por qué ha sido importante para vosotros contar con el apoyo de vuestro tutor?


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