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The Deusto authentication works with the credentials for your account. You must be previously logged into Google Apps. The first time the system will request access to some very basic information about the Google account. Press "Accept" to grant access.

Autorización de acceso



If this is not the first time you have logged into the Deusto system…




If it is not the first time you are accessing Deusto services and you have signed into your Google ( ) account on the same browser, you will access the Deusto system directly.


If you access the Deusto system without having signed into Google, the following authentication page will be displayed:







where you must enter the credentials for your ( account.


Be careful with other Google accounts you are logged into


If you have logged into Google on the browser with an account different from such as, for instance,, the system will display the error message. “You should sign in with an account”. You have to sign out of Google from that account (, and access Google with the account before you try to access the Deusto system.