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Rules for individual or group participation

All the members of the University Community can take part: academic and non-academic staff, temporary staff, grant holders, 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle students, students doing their final year project, dissertation, specialisation courses, collaborators, schools and institutes, etc.

Accidents and injuries

All participants must have an insurance policy that covers any accidents and injuries occurred during sports practice: student insurance, social security, private medical insurance, etc. They must know the procedure to follow in the event of an accident or injury before playing.


At the time of registration, all the teams must submit the relevant form duly completed. All fields must be filled in.


A team will be regarded as registered when the number of players registered is equivalent to the number of field players for that sport.

Rules of the game

Those established by their respective federations.

Competition commission

Claims must be submitted in writing within 48 hours of the event occurring. Claims against the competition authorities’ decisions must be submitted to the Executive Commission within 48 hours. There will be no right of appeal against a decision by the Executive Commission.


Draw between two or more teams will be decided by individual goal average. If there is still draw, it will be decided by the general goal average: the team with the highest number of scored goals will win. If there is still draw, it will be decided by the number of goals scored in a match between the concerned teams.

Sports equipment

Teams should wear their uniforms to facilitate refereeing. In individual or pair sports, each player must bring their equipment needed to play.

Referees and judges

The absence of a referee or a judge in a game is no reason to cancel and postpone it. Delegates must agree on refereeing and the result will be valid to qualify.

Regional, National and Inter-university championships

 The Sports Department will choose the representatives in those championships. The University of Deusto will take part in the Regional University Championships, the National Championships organised by the Spanish Sports Council, and the Inter-University Tournaments at a national and international level it deems necessary.

With this clause, the UD is exonerated from all liability that could be claimed for damage, injury or any type of harm suffered by the person or the participants’ goods as a result of sports activities. The participant in the activity must agree with this clause.

*Legal terms: All the people registered in this document authorise the Biscay Campus Sports Service to use or reproduce videos, photographs or voice recordings taken during the event. It is understood that the use of such images and voice recordings will be for educational or promotional purposes through any audiovisual media regarding the event. I have read and accept that the collected personal data will be included in a file in order to fulfil the objectives of the Sports Service and the activity described- You may exercise your right to access, rectify, cancel and object to the processing of such data by contacting the Sports Department.

We would like to know your opinion

We would like to know your opinion, point of view, and all your suggestions about sports activities. In this way, we will be able to meet your real needs.


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