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University volunteering

The University of Deusto aims to educate excellent professionals, but we are convinced that there is no excellence without commitment to society. Do you want to contribute to projects that make the world a better place by using your academic knowledge and learning even more? This is what our University Volunteering programme consists of, where Deusto Campus works hand in hand with the different faculties and schools. Learning by serving.

Our university aims to train excellent professionals, but we are convinced that excellence requires commitment to society. We do not want our classrooms to produce successful professionals in a failed society. On the contrary, we want our graduates to contribute to building a better world for all.

And there's no need to wait! Do you want to contribute to projects that make the world a better place by using your academic knowledge and learning even more? This is what our University Volunteering programme is all about, our star project, where Deusto Campus works hand in hand with the different faculties and schools at the university.

This programme is a proposal for professional university volunteering, which combines social commitment, training, collective reflection and putting your knowledge into practice in social projects. You will be part of a group of people involved in solving real problems and, at the same time, you will develop skills, competences and knowledge related to your own profession. Deusto Campus and the academic structures of the faculties and schools that promote this project will support you in the process and offer you training. In addition, you will work and learn from professionals who are involved in this task on a voluntary basis. Participation in a project throughout the academic year will allow you to earn 6 credits; semester projects, which are less numerous, are worth 3 credits.

What kind of projects will I be involved in? Our projects are very diverse and you can find further information about the initiatives we are organising this year in each link, arranged by degree. We want to count on you.

  • University volunteering for school support and integration: We work as a team to provide emotional and study support to children and young people and encourage their motivation inside and outside the classroom and progress in their studies. Both in Basque and Spanish.
  • University volunteer work in hospital entertainment: This group seeks to offer support in play activities and workshops to hospitalised children. (Places are limited). Commitment of one afternoon a week.
  • University volunteering in support of the elderly: The group seeks to alleviate loneliness as far as possible through voluntary action; it aims to provide answers and care for those in need of social support.
  • University volunteering in health promotion (UD): This group promotes the development of healthy lifestyle habits and awareness campaigns within the University of Deusto.
  • University awareness-raising volunteering (Deusto Solidarity): The university aims to promote awareness through several campaigns held throughout the year. A commitment within the University as a driver of change.
  • University volunteering with people with disabilities: This group aims to prevent, treat and rehabilitate against discrimination and promote integration into society. Volunteering on weekdays or weekends.
  • University volunteering with people at risk of social exclusion: The aim is to approach to groups that suffer or are at risk of social exclusion (immigrants, elderly people, prisoners,...) cooperating in basic services and promoting reintegration. Work in associations, foundations and NGOs.
  • University volunteering in development cooperation: This group supports and promotes programmes for education, fair trade, the environment and the fight against poverty at a global level. It offers training and action.
  • University volunteering in the environment: This group promotes the protection of the natural environment through awareness-raising campaigns and by reporting actions that damage it. We offer the possibility of participating in environmental actions in Bizkaia's surroundings.
  • University volunteering in addictions and dependency: Outreach to families, reintegration programmes and awareness-raising campaigns to improve the situation. You will be able to work in associations, foundations or within the university.
  • University volunteering in human rights: This group supports and promotes the defence of people's rights through activities and awareness-raising campaigns at the University. Those interested will be offered the opportunity to meet associations and NGOs working in this field.
  • Shared reading university volunteering: In this group, reading is shared between young people and individual children in schools. School hours. Reading will be in both Basque and Spanish.


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