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University Volunteer Programme

This programme affords you the opportunity to work with different NGOs and social organisations on the following projects and target groups:

  • University volunteering for school support and integration:

Teamwork is carried out to provide emotional and school support to children and youth to enhance their motivation inside and outside the classroom and their education. This is carried out both in Basque and Spanish.

  • University volunteering providing entertainment in hospitals:

A group that seeks to provide play and entertainment to children in hospitals. (Places are limited). A commitment of one afternoon a week is required.

  • University volunteering to support the elderly:

The group seeks to alleviate loneliness as far as possible through voluntary action. This means giving response and attention to those in need of social support.

  • University volunteering for health promotion (UD):

This group promotes the development of healthy lifestyle habits and awareness campaigns within the University of Deusto.

  • University volunteering for awareness-raising (Deusto Solidarity):

Promote awareness on different campaigns throughout the year at the university. A commitment as an agent of change within the University.

  • University volunteering with people with disabilities:

This group focuses on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation regarding the fight against discrimination and integration in society. Volunteering during the week or at weekends.

  • University volunteering with people at risk of social exclusion:

The focus is on the groups that suffer or are at risk of social exclusion (immigrants, elderly people, prisoners, ...) cooperating in basic services and promoting reintegration. Work is carried out in associations, foundations and NGOs.

  • University volunteering in development cooperation:

This group encourages and promotes education, fair trade, environment and poverty reduction programmes globally. It offers training and action.

  • University volunteering in the environment:

This group promotes protection towards the natural environment through awareness campaigns, and complains against actions that damage it. It offers the possibility of taking part in environmental actions in Biscay.

  • University volunteering in addictions and dependency:

The focus is on approaching families, reintegration programmes and awareness campaigns to improve their situation. Work is done both in associations or foundations or at the university.

  • University volunteering in human rights:

This group supports and promotes people's rights defence through awareness-raising activities and campaigns at the university. Those interested will be offered the chance to meet associations and NGOs working on this issue.

  • University volunteering for shared reading:

This group carries out shared reading between youth and children individually in schools; school timetable. Readings will be done both in Basque and Spanish.

  • Volunteering in summer camps (summer):

In summer, you have the chance to take part in social and environmental volunteer work camps throughout Spain and abroad. The aim of this registration is to create a database to send you information on work camps when available. You will need to sign up for any offers that may interest you as they are advertised.



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