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More than Law

How do you integrate your Christian vocation and your legal vocation?

Those who work or are trained in the legal field have a very important mission in society. They are the guarantors that justice is real. Beyond the laws and documents are the people who enjoy or suffer their consequences. Do the gospel and Ignatian spirituality have anything to say to us? Psalm 33 reminds us that God “loves justice and right; The land is full of the mercy of the Lord.”

Más que Derecho is a space for students and workers to share faith and personal concerns as Christians and jurists. An occasion to remember that justice must be, above all, at the service of people, especially the most disadvantaged. From Ignatian spirituality and the binomial faith-justice that springs from the gospel, we offer this experience that actively, dynamically and innovatively seeks to help deepen the legal vocation to look and work in another way.

A weekend for restless people, with a constructive spirit and who want to make the gospel their life.

Date: 18th-19th February 2022
Place: Loyola

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